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Weekly COVID-19 data released

Friday 31st July 2020

The weekly release of our COVID-19 data was released on 31st July 2020. It covers the period up to 26th July 2020. The model used to estimate Pillar 1 and 2 Cases has been updated. This reflects changes in the source data for the City of London. The free data is available for download and includes: 13 Risk Factors Weekly Infection Rates…

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Do you know your bunny-hugger from your Eco-Warrior?

Tuesday 28th July 2020
Nigel Bradshaw

How do you talk to potential customers about matters that matter to them? How do you identify their key concerns? GeoSociety is a unique set of GDPR-compliant measures of people's interest in a range of topics from "Care about Animal Control and Slaughter" to "Concerned about anti-social crime". Data values are tagged by postcode and have also been ranked against each…

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Staycation COVID-19 risks

Tuesday 14th July 2020
Sam Costain

As the UK gradually emerges from Lockdown, More Metrics data can be used to identify potential risks across a range of everyday scenarios. In this article, we explore the potential hazards of the long overdue day trip. It can help to identify if locations travellers are coming from are high risk and so help predict locations of spikes in tourist…

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What next after Leicester

Thursday 2nd July 2020
Dave Edmonds

Leicester has been locked down following a surge in COVID-19 cases, just as the rest of England is spending up. The decision to order the lockdown was based on the result of data on testing. This shown an increase in the number of positive tests. Are there other locations that are at risk of future local lockdown? What does the underlying risk…

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Using data to get us out of lockdown

Tuesday 30th June 2020
Dave Edmonds

More Metric data provides unparalleled non-personalised information on COVID-19 risks at very local geographies. It can therefore be used by many businesses and organisations as they come out of lockdown and manage life in the "new normal". We consider a number of case studies; discussing the issues they face and how More Metric data will help each formulate their own…

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