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The problems facing Wales - in data

Friday 28th April 2023

This linked article in Walesonline shines a light on some of the economic and social issues facing Wales. And whilst a Welsh based paper will rightly focus on its own area, read through the article and you can see evidence of similar challenges across the UK.

The Walesonline piece covers the key topics of poverty, income disparity, employment alongside health, transport and home ownership. It uses 14 maps created by a number of organisations including Government bodies and charities such as the Trussel Trust.

The Maps cover differing levels of geography, from national boundaries to parliamentary constituencies and lower geographical areas used by the ONS.

More Metrics uses many of the same data sources as this article, typically from ONS, Central and Local Government and other public bodies. We are also in the process of crunching the numbers coming out of Census 2021 which will then be incorporated into our product range.

But we also use our modelling and analytical process to drill down to lower geographies, typically postcode. This provides the granularity and focus required to assess real differences within small areas to support planning, marketing and operational decision making.

For example ....

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