Bringing Big Data to Life

More Metrics is a specialist in the application and delivery of powerful Open Source Data, data which is non personalised and typically provided by government and other public bodies. This makes all our output GDPR friendly and therefore quick and easy to use.

We have developed a sophisticated and widely tested process for turning the millions of raw data fields into useable and relevant outputs- we call it GeoMetrics:

  • A range of postcode tagged data sets covering family finances, health and lifestyle and attitudes on key social issues
  • Split by age, sex and occupation
  • Over 700 standard data variables

Free COVID-19 data

In response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, we are offering infection rate and 20 risk measures modelled at a range of geographic levels.



Provides highly descriptive data models and associated data sets covering lifestyle attributes and personal characteristics at local area level



Sophisticated and innovative disaggregation modelling process developed and tested over 8 years and used across a wide range of applications


Using Our Data

How our data can provide powerful and effective analytical input to clients. Review a range of White Papers, technical notes and case studies