Making Data Local

We specialise in creating innovative postcode level data products about family finances, health and attitudes on key social issues.

All our products are based on open-source data, which is non personalised and typically provided by government and other public bodies. This makes all our output GDPR friendly and therefore quick and easy to use.

Our process for turning millions of raw data fields into useable and powerful data has been widely tested and approved and is now being used by organisations across financial, not for profit and retail sectors.

More Metrics data is easy to access either through one of our distribution partners, Snowflake digital platform or directly from More Metrics.


Our products

  • Discover our range of data products
  • Use for Insight and modelling
  • Non-PII and 100% coverage
  • Postcode matched


Using our data

  • Find new customer or donors
  • Nurture existing ones
  • For insights and modelling
  • For pricing and technical analyses


News & Views

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