More Metrics provides valuable and innovative data solutions for a wide range of business and market sectors, from financial services to charities, energy providers and retailers.

The development of our specialist geographically based datasets has achieved over a number of years, allowing us to produce robust models and datasets that have been thoroughly tested by ourselves and our clients. Our work has accelerated significantly as a result of GPDR, because we only model on Open Source* aggregated data that falls outside the definition of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Our range of products has increased to include;

Income, wealth and debt estimates

Lifestyle and behaviour indicators, including smoking and alcohol propensity

Household and family composition

Mortality and sickness, including life expectancy and "biological" age estimates

Analysis of UK Parliamentary petitions, providing valuable insight in to what people are really concerned about

Our products are available directly from More Metrics or through one of partnerships with well-respected Data Agencies

At the core of our business is a set of very clear features

• 100% Coverage
• Open Source* non personalised
• GDPR friendly
• Increasing data supply
• Fast and simple to implement
• Cost effective
• Well tested process many years in development
• Quick and easy to deploy
• Can be used easily alongside company owned data
• Refreshed and updated on a regular basis

The wealth of data which is becoming available all the time can transform the planning of marketing and promotional activity, from new product development to target selection and campaign analysis and review.

The data revolution is here and many companies understand how it can change the way they do business quickly. More Metrics is working across industries to help drive this revolution