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Whether you are looking for new customers or donors, understanding existing ones, or recovering lost souls, our non-PII, 100% coverage data has you covered.

Whether you want

  • a quick heads-up,
  • specific economic, health or attitudinal insight, or
  • a wealth of high-powered predictor data to use in data models,

our data range has what you need.

High-quality, proven postcode-level data from More Metrics.

Using our data

New customers

Using existing customer data in data models looking for new customers has its limitations. You really want to use data about new prospects, data you may not typically hold. Which is where our comprehensive, non-PII data adds real value. It also provides 100% coverage across all locations.

Using our powerful GeoPredictors to a lookalike model can significantly improve model performance and enable the model to be ranked by target postcodes across the whole country.

You can also add relevant data from our other data sets. For example "propensity to give to charity" from GeoSociety , or health information from GeoHealth.

Using our data

Understanding your customers

For a fast view of your customers match their postcodes to our GeoIndex data to get an all-round view on them for 15 key attributes. Again, Non-PII, 100% coverage, no matching issues.

For a deeper dive use data from our GeoMoney, GeoHealth and GeoSociety data sets in your own insight systems. Understand their financial background, their relative health and their views on a range of contemporary issues.

Or ask us to do it for you with our automated profiling system.

Using our data

Engaging with your customers

Different customers have different interests and desires. However many organisations steer clear of engaging customers directly due to concerns about holding or acquiring such personal data.

Our GeoSociety datasets give you a non-PII solution to this issue. 18 indices, plus propensity to give to charity, tell you about your customers' interests and attitudes across environmental, cultural, international, political and other issues.

You can also analyse the wider economic and financial environment, using the 7 components of deprivation in GeoMoney, which we have again modelled to local areas with UK-wide rankings.

Using our data

Modelling people and places

GeoPredictors are our most powerful set of modelling data, differentiating down to postcode level. This module contains nearly 400 standardised predictors at output area and over 60 at postcode.

An important consideration for many models is good match rates on both train and target data. Our data provides 100% coverage across the UK, with matching by postcode, and for our more detailed variables by age and sex.

Adding our other data alongside GeoPredictors provides additional insights, for example customer value models could benefit from our in-depth income data in GeoMoney.

Using our data

Vulnerable customers

Customers, donors or subscribers can be vulnerable due to many causes, either temporarily or more long term. Of course, no data source can replace direct contact and engagement with the individual, but data can help identify and help frame communications to potentially vulnerable contacts.

Organisations cannot be continually engaging in-depth with all their contacts all the time. Instead they need warning flag models for any reactive touch points, and triage models to trigger proactive engagement.

Our GeoMoney and GeoHealth variables, such as post-tax income or disability probabilities can fit directly into algorithms, or be incorporated with our GeoPredictors into in-house models. We have also created specific vulnerability products for some clients to assist their customer engagement.

Using our data

Selling more to existing customers

Whether you are selling more products, or asking for more charitable donations, high performing propensity and customer value models are key to cost-effective marketing.

Your own data should form the bedrock of these models. However, even when it is significant and accessible, incremental gains can be achieved through enhancement with external data. Our data is easy to match and has 100% coverage, and with no PII issues.

Extensive client testing over many years has proven the value of our data in their models - from our GeoPredictors to our wider modelled Geo range. You can use principal components for maximum efficiency, or individual variables for explicit governance.

We are always happy to provide guidance on the most effective way to use our data.

Using our data

Recovering lost or departing customers

Losing regular customers, subscribers or donors is expensive, and the same issue can impact both preventative and reactive response strategies: your knowledge of your customer may have become eroded over time, with little refreshment. In-house data might not be enough.

Enhancing models for automated processes with our GeoPredictors and other data is easy and effective.

Customer service staff can also benefit from the insights from our modelled data, such as the income, wealth, health and attitudinal summary in our GeoIndex data.

More Metrics data can play a central role in creating strategies, contact programmes and informing how best to communicate with your most valuable asset.

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