Data for all uses

Non-PII, 100% coverage, postcode data

The More Metrics range of UK data at postcode level provides a powerful resource for modellers, analysts and insight managers.

From our snapshot of each postcode in GeoIndex, through our modelled GeoMoney, GeoHealth and GeoSociety ranges down to our core modelling GeoPredictors set there is something for everyone.

All our variables are derived from non-personalised open-source data, so are GDPR compliant.

Each data set is updated quarterly to ensure that even the very latest postcodes can be matched to our data.


A snapshot of each postcode

3 income, 3 wealth, 1 debt, 2 lifestyle, 1 mortality, 1 morbidity and 4 attitudinal indices give a quick and easy view of who lives in each postcode, how they are and what they think.

Use this data for a quick heads up for customer service staff on calls, or use in an "understand your customers" analysis for marketers.


Powerful modelling data

Nearly 400 predictors at output area and over 60 at postcode level. Age standardised or age/sex differentiated for greater effectiveness

Use for modelling and advanced insights. Target new customers, donors or subscribers with lookalike, propensity to buy and customer value models. Enhance in-house data for existing customer upsell and recovery processes. Build vulnerability and customer duty algorithms.


Income, expenditure, wealth and debt

Gross earnings, gross income, net income and expenditure including distribution down to £5k bands, at postcode by sex and 5 year age bands. Developed from official statistics, not unvalidated ad-hoc surveys.

Pensioner income, mortgages and Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) across the UK ranked at both LSOA and the smaller Output Area level, plus the 7 components of deprivation ranked at Output Area level.

Many models use the Index of Multiple Deprivation from the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish countries. You can now use a single variable modelled across the UK and at a more detailed geography. For even more detail use one of the component deprivation ranks.

Use the income variables for models and insights from customer value to vulnerability.


Mortality, morbidity and causality

Standardised mortality ratios, self-reported health and disability and propensity to smoke or be obese at postcode by sex and age band. All results from population data, without any selective effects of insured or similar collection sources.

Life expectancy and biological age at postcode by sex and each age 18 to 80. Find how long anyone is expected to live. Understand how well their body has aged over the years.


Attitudinal insights

Understanding what people really think, care and have concerns about.

  • Propensity to give to charity
  • Religious minority supporter, ethnic minority supporter, rainbow supporter
  • Green supporter, animal protector, environmental warrior
  • Global citizen, European supporter, take-back controller
  • Politically left and right economically, libertarian or authoritarian socially
  • Children welfare, pets, dogs and cats welfare indexes
  • Topical issues will captured for a limited period

Plus 4 summary spectrums indexes.

Use whenever you don't just want to know what people are, but who they are.

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