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*More Metrics launches new profiling product - GeoProfiles*

More Metrics launches new profiling product - GeoProfiles

Friday 10th September 2021

More Metrics is always looking for ways to make data more meaningful and useful. To bring data to life and add insight and perspective. We have now developed our own profiling tool, linked directly to our unique GDPR compliant open source data, GeoMetrics.

GeoProfiles is designed to provide key characteristics of the geographical areas any particular target group may live in. This might be an existing customer base, a prospecting dataset or even a Geodemographic profile in need of some useable additional information! The GeoProfile includes key metrics covering:

  • Geographical location
  • Income and employment
  • Health
  • Demographics
  • Housing

Because the GeoProfile links directly to our core data, they can be produced quickly and at low cost and applied alongside our data to make better informed decisions for any proposed activity.

By way of example, the following Geo Profiles cover the top and bottom scoring groups of the More Metrics Green Index. As part of our ongoing analysis of Green Issues in the UK, our recent review of the Bristol and Amersham/Chesham elections used the Green Index to validate and assess the results. The GeoProfiles go a step further and provide even greater insight into areas scoring high or low on the index.

For further information or to discuss a particular project which may benefit from GeoProfiling contact us now.

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