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*The Health of the Nation*

The Health of the Nation

Thursday 9th March 2023
Dave Edmonds

This week, the ONS published its latest findings from Census 2021, focusing on health, disability, and unpaid care across England and Wales. Data was compared to that published from the 2011 survey.

The study was on people who said their health was bad or very bad, were disabled and limited a lot in their day-to-day activities, or people who provided at least 20 hours of unpaid care per week.

Key findings suggest:

- Slight improvements in health, disability across both England and Wales

- Increase in percentage of people providing at least 20 hours unpaid care

- Overall, areas experiencing the highest levels of poor outcomes are focused in the past industrial areas of North East and North West England alongside smaller pockets in the Midlands and London. In Wales, the South Wales valleys continue this link to areas with a history of heavy industry.

This is a topic that has long been a focus of More Metrics. Our GeoHealth data sets build on the valuable output created by ONS and we have developed a wealth of experience and insight since the 2011 Census. New 2021 data is now being applied to our wide range of data sets.

More Metrics health, wellbeing and lifestyle data is produced at postcode level and enhances data produced by ONS and other public bodies which typically produce data at broader geographical areas eg local authority, higher statistical areas, etc..

Our GeoHealth data is often used by organisations alongside our GeoMoney and GeoSociety products to identify links between health outcomes and levels of financial and social disparity, or attitudinal differences.

More Metrics is a specialist provider of powerful data sets on finance, health and attitudinal issues. All our products are based on open source, non-personal data making them GDPR compliant with 100% coverage.

For more information on all products or for any other questions on accessing our data Contact us.

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