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More Metrics launches on Snowflake

More Metrics launches on Snowflake

Tuesday 31st January 2023
Dave Edmonds

We are pleased to advise that More Metrics data has now joined Snowflake's Partner Network and our data is now available through the Snowflake Digital Platform. As part of the Snowflake Partner Network, More Metrics can help customers get the most out of our data and the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Snowflake offers a secure, easy to access option for downloading and sharing data through the Snowflake Marketplace and will give new and existing customers even more options to access our high performing non-PII, 100% coverage data sets.

More Metrics data is provided at small geographical areas down to postcode. Sample data is free to download and test. We are making available a range of our popular data sets:

GeoIndex: Great for marketers, our easy-to-use indices of our leading data sets, including money, health and attitudinal data

GeoMoney: Income and debt data to assist with planning, selection and evaluation

GeoSociety: Insights into what people really care about and think on key issues

GeoHealth: Mortality, morbidity and other key health information

GeoPredictors: The extensive range of our most powerful modelling data

Postcode lookups: Statistical look ups for residential and business postcodes

Find our data on Snowflake here

More Metrics is a specialist provider of powerful data sets on finance, health and attitudinal issues. All our products are based on open source, non-personal data making them GDPR friendly and ready to use.

For more information on our new Snowflake option or for any other questions on accessing our data Contact us.

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