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Using 2021 Census data - Identifying areas of deprivation

Using 2021 Census data - Identifying areas of deprivation

Friday 9th December 2022
Dave Edmonds

As the ONS continues to roll out the output from Census 2021, valuable insight about the issues facing many areas of the UK are being highlighted.

In the attached article from the website Walesonline areas of deprivation of various levels of severity across Wales are identified, mapped and available for use by Government, local authorities and both public and private organisations.

At More Metrics we are working with our distributors and partners to create useable data products using this data. We will be delivering these at small geographical areas, typically postcode, and often combining input from a range of published Open Source data from Census outputs such as this to health and lifestyle information.

Over the coming weeks and months More Metrics will be highlighting how our products address key issues and characteristics and how they can benefit organisations across the UK.

Contact us to see how our data might help your organisation and customers manage the current housing market challenges.

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