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Housing Crisis - data solutions from More Metrics

Housing Crisis - data solutions from More Metrics

Friday 28th October 2022
Dave Edmonds

Every day brings news of more turmoil in the housing market - fixed rate mortgages hitting over 6%, hundreds of mortgage products being withdrawn at short notice and talk of an impending house price crash on a scale not seen since the 1990s.

In these difficult times, access to up to date and comprehensive data is essential. Analysis at a National and Local area level can help organisations:
- Identify where potential pressure points in house prices may occur
- Estimate where pressure on income and household finances may be most acute
- Decide where to deploy additional resources in local networks or sales channels.

More Metrics latest small area data sets, typically at Post Code level have been created to support these business challenges. Key modelled data includes:
- Household income, occupation, estimated mortgage debt, property type
- Household and family make up
- Lifestyle and health characteristics
- New Estimated house price value

Contact us to see how our data might help your organisation and customers manage the current housing market challenges.

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