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*More Metrics launch NEW Green Indices*

More Metrics launch NEW Green Indices

Monday 15th March 2021

More Metrics Green Attitudes Indices

The Green Attitudinal Indices have been constructed to identify people with different interest levels in green issues. They are postcode-tagged.

There is an overall Green Index and three Sub-Indices reflecting different interests within the Green theme.

Each index runs from 100 (high interest) to 1 (low interest). There are fewer postcodes within high-interest index values, increasing to the most postcodes in the low-interest index values. This differentiation reflects the relative strength of feeling in the issues and allows greater granularity in selecting the most interested population.

The Green Attitudinal Indices have been developed from More Metric's GeoSociety data, which have been modelled from UK Government petition data. The indices provide valuable insight into how concern for these particular issues vary across the country and within local areas. This information can be deployed to support a wide range of business activities including customer identification and targeting, communication strategy and managing local markets.

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