GeoMetrics brings powerful data to our clients across a wide range of subject areas.

Raw data can be useful but is limited in its wider applications. Our modelling process has been developed over many years and ensures our products deliver reliable and consistent outcomes which can be quickly deployed by users.

Our data can be used to support a wide range of opportunities including marketing planning and targeting, new product development and auditing of existing data and customer bases. They can provide powerful predictor variables for use within models built by organisations applying data from a variety of sources.

Data is provided for small areas (accessed by postcode) and can be further broken down by sex and age band. It can be supplied by us in secure CSV format, or in a range formats through our data distribution partners. MoreMetrics data is categorised under the following data groups:

COVID-19 data Free to use analysis of COVID-19 infection rates and underlying factors

GeoMoney Income, wealth and debt data for UK individuals and households

GeoHealth Life expectancy, health and disability datasets with wide applications across finance, insurance and retail industries

GeoLifestyle Smoking, obesity and lifestyle data with wide marketing and analytical uses

GeoFamily. Household data including size of household and composition

GeoSociety What the UK thinks about key issues raised in UK Parliamentary petitions

GeoPredictor Detailed data sets for modelling and analytical projects

So much data at your disposal


Geographical Areas




Standard Data Variables

160 million

Data Items

Non personalised - so GDPR compliant

Holding, using and transferring personal data is rightly subject to significant management control processes. More Metrics made the decision in 2014 to focus exclusively on models built using only open source, aggregated data and to significantly expand the product range. With the volume and range of non-personalised data increasing daily, there is no shortage of raw data available to build and enhance our ever increasing product range.

Because More Metrics data does not rely on any personally identifiable information (PII) data sources, since GDPR go-live in 2018, there has been a considerable increase in interest from clients in using our data and modelled outputs.

In addition to its powerful standalone capabilities, GeoMetrics can be used as stand-alone data insight or alongside client owned data for more bespoke solution