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Data at 18 July

The data set is an .xls file. Contact More Metrics for other formats or data mapped to Output Area level.

Full Guide to our COVID-19 data sets
Updated 3 July 2020 with 3 case studies.

We have all got used to living in a state of isolation, a form of self-imposed house arrest. Over the weeks, this has moved from unusual and restrictive to acceptable and even perhaps comforting. We feel safe and assured in our own environment.

Coming out of lockdown will present challenges for individuals and families, businesses and organsiations of all types. The UK Government and devolved administrations are providing:

  • Timeline and exit strategies from lockdown at different speeds, with potentially significant divergence emerging.
  • Test, track and trace processes
  • Guidelines by business type including proposed opening dates, undertaking risk assessments and safe operating procedures

The role of data

Being aware of your business environment has always been key to running a successful business. Knowledge of your customer base at local and national level has in the past been focused on maximising marketing and sales opportunities and operational efficiencies.

You can now add on to this the fundamental requirement of customer and staff safety. In other words, how to open and operate safely within a COVID-19 world. Success in this will be key to a successful emergence from lockdown.

MoreMetrics data helps you answer the key questions:

  • What is the infection risk going forward in these areas and how might it differ with other areas?
  • How should I vary my actions over the coming weeks to minimise any infection risks and help get our operations up and running as soon as possible?
  • What is the infection risk now in any of the areas that I operate in and where my customers and staff live?

Case Studies

  • We have produced 20 risk-measure datasets free for the analysts who are working on solutions to issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK.

Data is mapped to Ward, Parliamentary Constituency and Clinical Commission Group level. We have only used aggregated open-source data, so there are no GDPR implications.

The data measures cover age and household, mortality and co-morbidity, economic resilience, engagement and COVID-19 infection rates.

The COVID-19 infection rates will be updated weekly and include a timeline adjusted measure.