What we do

What we do

We help clients improve both their data assets and modelling effectiveness, depending on their needs and existing capabilities.

For some companies utilise our geographical data sets for use within their own data modelling or analytical teams. For others, we offer bespoke model solutions:

Geo Range

Over the last 5 years More Metrics has developed an innovative modeling process which has been rigorously tested in conjunction with leading insurance and reinsurance providers. The range of models covers the principle variables used in life, pensions and health insurance including mortality, health impairments and smoking propensity. The range is constantly expanding and recent additions include income and educational attainment models.

The models can be used to score up a database (client owned or external) with indexed scores produced at OA level and accessed by postcode. Since the models use only "open source", non-personalised data they are fully GDPR compliant. Geo Range data can be further differentiated by age band, gender and occupational type.

The output can then be used to support marketing activity, in the pricing and applicant selection process or to undertake an audit of a client's existing business. Zurich Insurance used the mortality data as part of assessing the quality of business from different intermediaries

Solo Range

Whilst the Geo range of modelled data is suitable for many clients' requirements, our Solo Range provide a level of granularity typically available through complex and costly modelling processes.

By combining our geo level data with the extensive individual level data from our strategic partner, the REaD group, indexed scores can be applied to a database at the most detailed level - a single individual.

Easy Implementation

All data processing, management and transfer is undertaken by REaD Group, the UK's leading data communications agency. Bulk data is transferred using a compliant FTP site, real-time individual calls can be made via an API link. This enables simple fast and effective implementation and straightforward integration in to a client's own processing systems.

Dedicated expert support is provided throughout the process to ensure everything runs to plan

What we do
What we do
What we do